Tiffo's Dog Walks in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere



Tiffo is a Lagotto Romagnolo. He lives in Pembrokeshire, with his humans Lena and Mike. Tiffo thinks that Lena and Mike need long walks, so be brings them along, three times a day. A short walk in the morning, a longer walk at midday and another short walk in the evening.


Together we have found a lot of walks, we like circular walks best. Walks where Tiffo can be off his lead and go running and sniffing with his best friend Flynn are great, but for some walks where there are livestock or near steep cliffs, it's better to be on a lead. Sometimes we take Tiffo and Flynn's little friend Dizzy with us. We like our walks so much, that we decided to tell other people about them, so we are making this website. Of course if you are unfortunate not to have a four legged friend, these walks may be of interest to you as well.


This is going to be a long project. There are a lot of walks to describe. So please be patient. Use the contact form if you try a walk and find we have made mistakes. Other comments are very welcome and if you have other walks to suggest, please let us know.

These days, you have to be very careful . So let's be perfectly clear. We have done our best to be accurate as regards our walks, but make no guarantees whatsover, you use our walk descriptions totally at your own risk and you have the sole responsibility for your dog.


Tiffo and Flynn digging holes